Mazidlekhaya by Dr Lee M ka Gcugcwa

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Timezone: UTC
21:00 - 00:00
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About the Show

Informative programme that keeps uMgungundlovu district citizens informed about their psychological issues, medical problems, careers guidance/ uplift skills of local hip hop artists by competing with each other in the programme. This show accommodates Spiritual, Cultural, Young and Old, Families as it is a Motivational Talk Show. It consists of slow Jam music, theme for the day which could be a slogan or verse in the Bible, topic for the day it all carries one theme throughout. It also tackles issues like mother vs daughter, neighbor issues, landlord issues, Mental health issues, and women organization also play part in the programme. There’s also a feature called Entabeni yaseSiyoni which aims to invite our Pietermaritzburg Zion Community to be part UFM. This show is motivated by the fact that can be miserable and desperate without getting help, and in that state they can get hooked by anyone anyhow and be victims of different categories of scams.  Thus it serves as the medium of knowledge and eye opening to the masses.  

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